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Epiphan VGA Grid Streams and Records Military Drone Operations


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- With drones being at the forefront of military operations globally, ultra-reliable and rugged equipment must be installed on the backend to ensure safe and dependable capture, encoding, streaming and recording of everything that happens in the control room.

Inside the control center, each drone operator is equipped with up to two displays, a video camera capturing the operator's actions and a microphone that is used to record the operator's conversations. The data from these inputs must be captured in full quality and resolution for immediate offsite review by other parties.

When given the task of looking for a scalable and robust technology solution for recording and streaming drone control room operations, AV integrator Corbett Technology Solutions Inc. (CTSI) chose Epiphan's VGA Grid—a standalone device that is able to capture, stream and record from up to 64 video sources simultaneously.

Traditionally, Epiphan products have been used in industrial, corporate and high precision screen capture and video grabber scenarios, including by NASA at the International Space Station (ISS), as well as in military video capture applications. This time, however, CTSI also used VGA Grid for screen recording and live streaming of multiple synchronized streams.

VGA Grid is further used to combine the inputs from the operator's monitor, video camera and microphone into a single synchronized stream—a crucial feature for post-flight debriefing as it allows seamless synchronized playback on one or multiple monitors. Furthermore, all recordings can be automatically uploaded to an external file storage location or repository.

By leveraging Epiphan's ultra-reliable screen capture hardware, military operators can now record and stream their every action in high-quality and real time.

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Victor Doubrovine
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