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Parts Geek Providing Drivers with Increased Fuel Efficiency Through Replacement Purge Valves


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2015 -- To prevent fuel vapors in a vehicle's fuel tank from escaping into the atmosphere, vehicles rely on purge valves to trap the vapors and allow them to be burned through the normal process of combustion. The valve operates and controls the amount of vapor that is purged from the charcoal canister. When the purge valve is not operating correctly, drivers will see the "Check Engine" light illuminated. To maintain the fuel efficiency of burned vapors, Parts Geek is providing high-quality replacement purge valves to drivers in need.

The "Check Engine" light will be displayed when the purge valve sticks or does not fully close. In their extensive inventory, Parts Geek has over 2,700 replacement purge valves. Drivers must be careful that the valve they purchase as a replacement is one that has been made to work on a particular engine. Providing an easy shopping platform, customers can filter their search results to display products manufactured for specific make and models.

When the valve fails, fuel vapors will build up inside the charcoal canister and push into the engine cylinders. If this happened, the engine could choke. When fuel vapors are not released, the gaskets can blow open, or the car can fail an emissions test. If the purge valves are sticking, drivers will have a difficult time restarting the engine after adding fuel. Replacement parts are necessary for optimal performance.

Customers will find discounted pricing models through the platform on Parts Geek, and be able to replace their purge valve for up to 80% off the suggested retail price. One of their products, a purge valve for a 1999 VW Passat, is on sale for $35.33. The retail price for the same part is $176.13. Select from leading brands that include AC Delco, Bosch, Dorman, and Mopar to add confidence to the purchase.

Through prompt processing and shipping, parts will be delivered quickly so drivers can get back on the road without problems. For more information about the purge valves, or to browse their selection, please visit the website today.

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