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Creative Masonry & Chimney Providing Chimney Sweeps and Repairs This Spring


Unionville, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- After the grueling winter experienced in the Northeast, property owners may notice damage and deterioration on their masonry structures. The smallest of cracks could allow water infiltration and further problems with the foundation. To avoid damage to the masonry and maintain a healthy indoor air quality, Creative Masonry & Chimney is announcing their services for spring chimney sweeps and repairs.

When there are cracks in the chimney liner from weather or deterioration, smoke or creosote can enter the home, causing health hazards. A spring sweep and repair will ensure the damage is limited. There are many benefits to having the chimney swept, including an improved airflow and a home that is free of allergens.

After the constant use of the fireplace and chimney through the winter, homes can begin to experience an unhealthy buildup of soot and creosote on the walls of the chimney. Regular maintenance and sweeps will prevent the creosote buildup from igniting, and other accidents that arise when chimneys aren't properly cleaned.

A common problem experienced with chimneys is water damage. Creative Masonry & Chimney offers diligent services with great attention to detail. When they notice a rancid smell from creosote, stains on the masonry from water, or chipped bricks, their repair experts will assess the situation and prevent further damage with prompt repairs.

With competitive pricing and the highest quality of finishes on all repairs, property owners can trust their chimneys will maintain its appeal and function properly the next time the fireplace is used. Regular chimney sweeps from Creative Masonry & Chimney will determine whether any problems are present before expensive repairs must be made. For more information about their services, or to inquire about their pricing, please contact the company today.

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With over 20 years of service in the field of masonry, the trained and certified masons treat each project with the utmost importance. From cleanings, sweeps, and repairs, every project is completed to maintain the safety and functionality of the structure. Offering competitive prices and the highest quality customer service, the professionals will handle any new construction, repair, landscape/hardscape, and chimney or fireplace needs with the highest attention to detail.

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