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The Website Launches Airwheel's Scooter Electric to Minimize Emissions

This Is An Eco-Friendly Option For Daily Transit Purposes


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- The electric self-balancing scooter from Airwheel Technology is aimed at helping people save time and reduce the pollution levels in their respective areas. It is a convenient scooter that works on electricity and cover small distances quickly, thanks to the ergonomic design and control options.

Apart from the daunting experience of wasting time in traffic jams, it is inevitable that something needs to be done in order to reduce the harmful emissions from motor vehicles. The pollution levels across the globe are increasing at an alarming rate and can bring a number of major setbacks in a few years. In an attempt to make it healthier to travel to work and home, Airwheel has introduced several products that run on electricity and support the green movement.

Men and women alike can make the most of these scooters as they are light weight and can be carried easily. Apart from the battery charging and taking care of tires, there is nil maintenance required and anyone can control the scooter by inclining forward or backward. There is a battery level indicator as well which allows users to decide on the maximum distance they wish to travel.

The usage of LED lights is yet another factor that adds to the eco-friendly design. The web pages have more information about individual product features and their corresponding prices.

The website says, "Most of our customers are young office goers who wish to save the world from the deadly emissions. Be it the intelligent self-balancing scooter or the electric self-balancing unicycle, it is very easy to control the speed and power of the products. The website has a number of tips which can be used whilst riding them so as to prevent any accidents."

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The website claims that all their products have been designed after years of research and their team of experts ensures that their batteries are tested before being used. Each of their products comes with a maximum speed limit beyond which riders are unable to go. This is a safety precaution to avoid any injuries.

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