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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- The self balancing unicycle otherwise known as X3 is considered to be one of the most pioneering products manufactured by Company. It is easy to balance and can be used to cover a considerable amount of distance every day. The fact that it supports the green movement and does not have any emissions at all unlike other motor vehicles is yet another interesting aspect.

Though it takes some time to master the control, it can be quiet handy to reach office on time. It is light weight and can be carried on buses and other public transport systems. Once the lithium based battery is charged fully, it can be used to ride for a considerable distance without any hassles. This electric scooter is stylish in appearance and with its automated safety features, it is safe as well.

The aspects which have inbuilt controls include the speed and the sideways tilt. The rider cannot accelerate beyond an upper limit of18 km/hr. It is even equipped to be ridden in water and can be used when there is a light rain. This can be considered as a hobby or to commute on a daily basis. With a long battery life and a power level indicator, it is indeed top end.

The website says, "With years of experience on our side, we have created some of the most eco-friendly rides that can be used on a daily basis. Be it the battery, the design or the controls, everything has been given a lot of thought by our team. With the traffic situation worsening in many parts of the world, this is one of the better solutions for saving time. The Company has a global presence, thanks to its website and delivers products to several regions across the world."

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According to the website, the gyroscope system which is included in the one wheel electric unicycle is meant to provide balance to the rider whilst moving backward or forward. There are tips available in their pages with regards to the maintenance, battery recharge and how to deal with the tires.

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