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Users Will Find It Easy and Comfortable to Ride the Airwheel X8 One Wheel Scooter

Airwheel Adopts Innovative Ways To Add Features To The Electric Scooters They Offer


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- Those who want to learn riding electric scooters including an electric unicycle may be interested in this news. They can make their first try by leaning against a wall so they can learn to smoothly move these scooters forward and backward. This includes the Airwheel X8. Users who have tried Airwheel X8 do not hesitate to admit that they have been impressed with the stability with which the scooter moves forward and backward.

Not only that, users also admit that they could learn balancing these scooters including the one wheel electric unicycle within about 60 minutes. They have to lean forward for going forward and lean back for stopping. If they want to make turns, they have to lean in the specific direction towards which they wish to turn.

The training wheels on this self balancing electric scooter and the safety strap on it help learners a lot, says the company. Even if there are steep roads with a number of obstacles, bumps, etc., the Airwheel X8 can take the riders through all of them without any issues. In short, the device has a lot of power in it.

The scooter is not heavy also and so, it is fun to use. It is durable as well. Dog owners may also find this self balancing electric scooter highly useful because they can take their animal companions on runs or on long walks without any issues. Since the battery on the device lasts long, they need not worry if they will face any problem when they take their pets on long walks.

The maximum speed at which users can ride the Airwheel X8 is approximately 18 km/h. The range per charge is about 25 to 30 Km. The charge time is approximately within 90 minutes. Users must remember that the safe climbing angle of the scooter is about 15 degrees.

The scooter comes with tilting protection which means if the device tilts more than 45 degrees, the control system on it will get activated so it does not turn over. The motor will also start immediately so riders will not sustain any injuries.

Likewise, there is the speed control feature also on the scooters offered by the company. This includes their electric unicycle also. So, those riders who get excited and try to ride the device at a speed exceeding 12 Km/h will be protected from getting injured. The front-end of the foot platform of the scooter will rise gradually. Once the speed touches 16 Km/h, the foot platform will be at a 10 degree angle to the leveling surface so the riders can not incline further for accelerating the scooter.

Another protection on the device is to ensure that riders do not suffer due to power levels getting lower than 15%. On such occasions, all the four lights on the scooter will blink and the buzzer on it will beep also. The front end of the pedal will rise as well so riders can decelerate and stop the scooter.

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