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Tiopod Rocks Introduces Live Streaming of Any Programs on Their Website


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2015 -- Apart from playing requests for members, the website, now facilitates streaming of shows on their online radio. It is an innovative service that adds to the whole package and has garnered interest from music lovers across the globe. Since it has been promoted as a radio that is made by those who listen to their music, this is another way of bringing people together.

The platform which has been instrumental in creating a name for new talents is said to be very easy to manage. Once someone signs up for this online radio station , they can have access to any songs and shows that they wish for. Their talk shows, interviews, etc, are famous amongst people of different ages as they feature old as well as new artists. The collection of songs available is also diverse so as to meet the requirements of different people.

Be it rock, jazz, music mixing or writers, the website can be considered for making people more about artists and their respective works. It is convenient as people can have access to their shows anywhere they are, with the help of streaming. The Company is also known for its philanthropic work and has helped create opportunities for many charitable institutes through their fund – raising events.

The website says, "In a bid to bring all the music lovers to one place, we have designed Tiopod Rocks. The website is an ideal place to showcase new talent. Be it instruments, songs or mixing, this is the place which will bring a number of listeners and will give a boost to anybody's career.  For the lovers of music of different genres, they get to listen to any songs just by sending a request to the team."

To obtain more information about the services, visit

The website claims that apart from music, there are a number of other aspects to look forward to. Information about the new albums, artists, news of their latest releases and details of their upcoming programs can all be checked here. It is a comprehensive place which is ideal for all those who like music.

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Tiopod Rocks
Contact Number: + 447889 270416