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Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2015 -- Ever since the success of Uber, on demand services have caught the attention of almost all users and with the facility to get any service at their very own doorstep any time, the need for mobile applications for every business is still on the rise. With their ease of use and success, Uber like applications do solve the purpose and there are several apps for on demand services like laundry, beauty service, food and wine delivery etc. online already.

Get Maid? the recent application to join the list serves the need to hire a maid at anytime from home. The mobile application is developed by the application development company Mowares and opens up in any device compatible in both iOS and Android platforms. A maid service can be run from home and with the app the need to market your business in the conventional way can now be discarded.

'I think housework is the reason most women go to the office' - Heloise Cruse
Yes, housework is that hard. No matter how fast you do it, how good you are at it; you will only have to do it more and more frequently.

But with the 'Uber for maids' application you can get a maid do your housework at anytime that suits you. All you have to do is open the app and request for the service. The user can mention the type of service required and view the ratings of other users and select the maid service provider accordingly.

When a customer requiring a maid clicks on the 'Want maid service' button, the app searches and displays possible maid service providers in proximity to the customer's location. From the displayed list, the user can view the ratings given by other users and select the desired service provider. The customer is intimated when the maid accepts the requirement and once done with the service, he/she can rate the service provided by the maid.

Running any business from home is much cost efficient than having a separate place for your business. But a business run from home needs more marketing than the rest and marketing doesn't come for free. Enrolling in an app is a sure and cost efficient way of gaining potential customers to your business. The service provider or business owner is intimated when a customer requests for maid service. The business owner can view the ratings to the customer and choose to provide the service or not. The app lets business owners' access the list of customers they have served and their earnings through the app.

The application owner as the admin panel has full access to the app. He/she can add as many service providers as well as delete them. The app owner can charge the service provider a particular percentage on every bill they get paid. The app owner can also gain additional income from providing ad spaces for brands and stores at their app.

Mowares has successfully created yet another on demand service application and with the benefits their app provides at ease, several business owners have turned to them to have personalized mobile applications for their business.

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