Neli Parchik Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Rebel Swim: Saving the Planet One Pair of Swim Shorts at a Time

Everyone who purchases a pair of these inspired men’s swim shorts will be contributing to the protection and conservation of an endangered animal every time they do.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2015 -- The design team at Rebel Swim creates beautifully designed, premium men's swim shorts. For their launch they created five prints, each inspired by an endangered or threatened wildlife animal. For each design they've partnered with a grassroots non-profit organization - operating with the highest transparency and accountability in use of funds. The result? For each pair of shorts sold, a $30 contribution to the conservation of the animal represented on the shorts will be made.

Every idea starts with a problem - and for the Rebel Swim team, the problem they chose to tackle was how wasteful and irresponsible we are as consumers. Very often, purchasing decisions are ruled by quantity over quality, and price over purpose. They're one a mission is to be a paradigm shifter in the apparel industry by advocating social change and uniting people in taking a stand against ignorance.

How we treat our planet is a reflection of our intelligence and our humanity. Species are increasingly becoming extinct, and 99% of currently threatened species are at risk from human activities. Every time someone puts on a pair of Rebels they join the mission to turn this around.

After months of hard work and innumerable drafts and mock-ups they've come up with five beautiful prints of endangered and threatened animals.

Rebel Swim's goal is to encourage and inspire people to reconnect with nature, and to do our best to preserve it.

Neli, one of the co-founders of Rebel Swim, has turned to Kickstarter for the $21,000 she needs to make Rebel Swim a global brand. This project will only be funded if the $21,000 funding goal is met.

This crowdfunding campaign is open until June 4, 2015.

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About Neli Parchik
Born in Bulgaria, Neli lived in the US for nearly thirteen years and presently lives in London. She holds degrees in finance and business law, and has worked for Big 4 Company since her graduation. She's a vegetarian and animal lover, amateur photographer, travel junkie and a complete "Friends" geek!