KooziesOnline.com Offers Can and Bottle Koozies for Weddings


Allentown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- A crucial aspect in the planning process of a wedding is the ever-important choosing of party favors. Party favors serve the custom tradition of thanking guests for attending the big event. Aside from party favors like candy, candles and garden seeds, koozies are a great choice for wedding favors. Unlike other items that can only be used until they are gone, koozies are reusable and long-lasting. A convenient, inexpensive source for purchasing koozies in bulk is an online wholesale retailer such as KooziesOnline.com. KooziesOnline.com carries a wide range of can and bottle koozies that can be customized for weddings. Couples looking for a quality party favor for their wedding are invited to browse the selection available at the company.

Because the koozies can be personalized to match the details of the wedding, the items are unique to the special day. Aside from party favors, the koozies also function as memorabilia or souvenirs that make the wedding unforgettable for years to come. KooziesOnline.com offers a variety of can and bottle koozies that come in different colors, shapes and materials. Unlike other koozie companies, KooziesOnline.com does not charge customers for clipart, graphic designs, set up or proofs. The bride-to-be and groom-to-be can personally select what text, graphic and colors they would like their wedding party favor koozies to be.

When customers buy their wedding koozies from KooziesOnline.com, they can be assured that they will experience outstanding customer service as well as any assistance they need regarding their order. Some of the koozies offered at the company include zippered bottle coolies, slip on bottle coolies, camouflage coolies, hard foam can coolies and more.

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KooziesOnline.com offers a wide selection of bottle and can koozies. These sleeves help keep individual drinks, such as bottled and canned water, soda and beer, at the proper temperature. Customers of KooziesOnline.com have the opportunity to personalize their koozy with any text or logo of their choice. Koozies can be purchased and given to wedding guests as keepsakes of the special occasion. By offering hundreds of pieces of clipart, customers will be able to design their koozie any way they see fit.

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