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Kansas Shaman Conjures Ghosts Wherever He Goes


Toronto, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- J. Bekemenone, the noted Shaman and author of Ghost Hoarder: Master Shaman Shares Secrets and Proof of Life after Death, revealed that he has refined an innate talent for communicating with the spirit world into an ability to conjure ghosts virtually wherever he goes.  Until recently, he had kept this supernatural gift a secret, but now he decided to open up and explain how and why he travels from place to place conjuring and photographing ghosts.

"This is my life's work," said Bekemenone. "But, it's also exhausting. Keeping my spirit energy from being completely drained when I conjure them into this reality is difficult and dangerous. The time has come share my experiences, though."

For more than 20 years, Bekemenone has summoned angels, conjured the dead and encountered demons all across the United States. In many cases, he has been able to capture these spirits in unique, impossible-to-duplicate photographs. Bekemenone noted the differences between angels and demons. "Angels are beautiful entities with majestic wings and can, as most believe, travel from the spirit realm- into the material world," Bekemenone said. "However, they are subservient to enlightened beings and humans. The powers they have are as various as we shamans. One can never do the bidding of an angel, but angels will serve the commands of a shaman and of course, an enlightened being."

In his new book, Bekemenone shares many stories of conjuring ghosts, including some instances where he had to mask his mission to avoid upsetting people who live near haunted houses.  "When I enter an abandoned house I'm often questioned by neighbors on my intentions. When this happens, I usually say that I'm interested in the house and then ask if they know if it's for sale. It's partially true - I am interested in the house, but that's because it contains a ghost. Asking if the house is for sale is just a simple conversational question. It's not my fault if they link the two and assume I'm looking at the house because I'm interested in buying it. This gives me enough room to get in and out, sort of like a bank robber. I have enough time to conjure, photograph and invite the ghost to attach on to me for relocation back to my little wooded property in Kansas. It usually takes me just a few minutes."

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