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Dr. Sarah Mess Discovered a Game Changing Cosmetic Surgery Procedure


Columbia, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Coolsculpting is an effective, cutting-edge cosmetic surgery procedure that has helped countless people to lose areas of fat on their bodies to look and feel better than ever before. This particular procedure is widely regarded as being much safer than liposuction and can be just as effective for small areas of fat in the thighs, chest, butt, and many others. This game changing cosmetic surgery procedure comes with minimal risk and most people who have undergone it are highly satisfied with the results.

The state-of-the-art technology that is used for Coolsculpting is highly effectively when it comes to removing fat and works by using controlled cooling or cryolipolysis to target and kill fat cells in certain areas of the body, eliminating them completely.

The results that come from this procedure are all long term, as the treated cells are removed. Coolsculpting can add more definition to a person's abdomen and take away excess fat from many different parts of the body where fat tends to accumulate, including the thighs and butt. This relatively new cosmetic procedure has been performed on thousands of people and is considered to be very safe with only minimal and minor risks involved.

Dr. Sarah Mess is one of the most reputable cosmetic surgeons in the Baltimore, MD area and has performed Coolsculping on numerous satisfied patients who are very happy with their results. Those who have areas of excess fat on or around their abdomen as well as highs, butt, and other areas of the body, will be interested to know just how well this procedure works. Compared to other fat removal procedures like liposuction, Coolsculpting is quite inexpensive and works very well for most people who are only mildly overweight.

Coolsculpting works best for those who have stubborn areas of fat that refuse to go away with regular exercise and a proper diet, and it has become very common in recent years in areas all over the country. This procedure is drastically changing the way patients see their own bodies, helping them to gain much more self-confidence.

Most of the people who opt for Coolsculpting are not satisfied with their bodies because of excess fat, and this procedure can change the way patients see themselves for the better. Most patients of Dr. Sarah Mess report feeling better about themselves after having this procedure done, as well as many other patients who have opted for this procedure in places across the country.

About Dr. Sarah Mess
Dr. Sarah Mess provides plastic surgery in Baltimore, Maryland for both men and women. She provides a full line of plastic surgery approaches for all body styles and shapes. Each approach is truly unique to the patient and created to enhance the body completely. Dr. Mess provides a boost of health and confidence for every patient she treats and is well known for her service in Maryland.

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