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Deutschland Phone Launches New Phone Repair Shop in Berlin Offering Most Rapid Repairs Available is offering people Apple, Samsung and Android phone and tablet repairs in just 30 minutes in their newly launched repair shop, with complementary drinks and Wi-Fi while people wait.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- Mobile phones are absolutely essential to modern living, and provide an access point for individuals to manage their calendars, social lives, work engagements, contacts and correspondence. Understandably then, when these items become broken or damaged, or simply go wrong, people need a solution fast. A new store – the Deutschland Phone Filiale in Berlin - has been opened to ensure the fastest phone repairs in the city.

The new repair shop offers to repair Apple, Samsung and other major brands' phones and tablets in just 30 minutes in their fully kitted out workshop in Berlin. In the unfortunate event that damage is critical and the item needs to be shipped, they can promise 24 hour repair excluding shipping times, making them the fastest phone repair shop by a wide margin.

What's more, they offer users a delightful experience; with the option of free drinks and Wi-Fi should they want to wait for their phone to be repaired. They also open until 7pm, ensuring people have time to get there and have their phone repaired after work. Individuals can drop in to the store or book an appointment online for the fastest service.

A spokesperson for Deutschland Phone explained, "The new store has been designed to offer people the kind of service they have been asking for but have been unable to find anywhere else. We understand the importance of getting these items back in fully working condition in no time. We offer full backup services on all devices and a one year warranty on all repairs, so not only are our services effective, affordable and fast, but they come with ultimate peace of mind."

About Deutschland Phone
Deutschland Phone is a new Berlin based phone repair center for iPhone, Samsung and Android devices. They offer an instant service, promising in-house repair within just thirty minutes of dropping off the item. For those that need to be shipped off, the items can be repaired in just 24 hours, with a one year warranty on all repairs. Cost effective, and with full backup of data and apps, they will offer a free diagnosis and cost estimate up front.

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