Haven of the Stars

Haven of the Stars Launches New Online Store to Sell Unique Candle, Wood and Glassware

Haven of the Stars creates beautiful and unique candles, wood burnings, painted and stained glassware and has launched a new online store to help people access their unique product range.


Ithaca, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Crafts have been sadly under-represented in 21st century living, thanks in large part to mass-production on an industrial scale, which has made it impossible for hand-made items to compete in terms of price. This has driven craft makers to create ever more original works to stand out from relatively cheap products created en-masse. Haven of The Stars is a craft house that creates custom works in wax, wood and glass, using recycled products and has just launched a new online store to sell their services online.

Their products include a range of popular favorites include variety of skull candles with red wax interiors, their ice pillar candles are made with ice, and more. They also offer a full range of custom candles, including custom gel candles and custom made candles designed by users or on their behalf by the expert team at Haven of The Stars.

In addition to candles, they also offer custom glass etching, custom wood burning panels. Painted glass and custom candle holders. in addition to a range of their own designs. These items can be made to fit seamlessly with other products in their range, including stained glass wine glasses and more.

A spokesperson for Haven Of The Stars explained, "Our products cover a range of different materials, each of which we are expert in the creation and manipulation of to create unique effects. We even create hand-made soaps, to offer people a unique means by which to stay clean, with both exfoliating soap and hand soap made with olive oil based (a.k.a natural). The online store offers a clear representation of our products, with clear pricing and comprehensive product descriptions to make ordering a simple and transparent as possible. We look forward to selling our products to a worldwide audience now they are available online."

About Haven Of The Stars
Haven Of The Stars makes custom one of a kind candles, glass etchings, wood burnings and much more. Their online store makes it as easy as possible to purchase unusual gifts and homeware online. The site is regularly updated with new, handmade products. The team is passionate about what they do and create products of the highest quality.

For more information please visit: http://havenofthestars.com/