LegendarySearch.com Publishes the Best Places to Live to Find a Job

Large metropolitan areas with low unemployment rates provide the best and most diverse job opportunities, reports Legendary Search


Bethel, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Legendary Search (www.legendarysearch.com) publishes new information concerning the best places to live to find a job and announces individuals may need to move to obtain employment. North and South Dakota head the list of states with low unemployment, and four of the top ten cities for jobs are in these two states. For those who wish to live in a large metropolitan area, the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI area is the place to be. Individuals need to take this into account when searching for a new position, as some cities offer more diverse job opportunities than others.

"When searching for a job, one should start in those areas with large populations and a low rate of unemployment. Richmond, Virginia provides a good example of this, as one look at the map and individuals will see that the entire state of Virginia has a low unemployment rate. As a result, one may wish to begin their search for a new job here," Mark Sage, spokesperson for Legendary Search (www.legendarysearch.com), announces.

Legendary Search recognizes it takes more than knowing where to look for a job to land a new position. One must also present a resume that attracts the attention of employers. A recruiter looks at a resume and decides with seconds whether he or she wishes to continue reading. To encourage the recruiter to do so, start the resume with a concise career statement, and make this statement compelling so the recruiter wishes to know more.

"Never list job duties on a resume. Focus on achievements, such as increasing revenue or bringing in more new clients. The recruiter will then be able to objectively calculate how adding you to their company will be of benefit to them. By emphasizing results, you show the recruiter that you will be an asset to their company, not just someone who can handle a task," Sage continues.

Once the resume has attracted the attention of the recruiter and he or she requests an interview, the focus needs to turn to prepping for this meeting. Legendary Search offers advice on job interviews to help clients land a job. Depending on where the new position is, the initial interview may take place over the phone. Make certain the right image is being projected over the phone, as this is all the interviewer has to go on.

"Disable phone features like call waiting to ensure there are no interruptions, as you don't want to become distracted when answering a question. Have water on hand to prevent a dry throat and keep a pen and paper handy to jot down any questions that arise. Simple steps such as these help to ensure the interview goes smoothly from start to finish. Visit Legendary Search to obtain more resume and interview tips and to begin searching for a new position. Individuals who do so find this site to be of great help in moving their career forward," Sage declares.

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