Decentralized Application Network Corona Promotes Bitcoin 2.0 Technologies and Provides Funding for Developers Worldwide

A newly launched community network for developers of decentralized applications (Dapps), Corona encourages breakthroughs using blockchain technology, offering funding and resources for entrepreneurs worldwide.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Corona is a global hub for Dapp developers and entrepreneurs in search of educational resources and financial support. Corona believes that "positive and tangible change in the world" is possible as Dapps proliferate across the web. By creating a community driven network Corona hopes to encourage the creation of socially and economically disruptive applications.

Corona strives to advance cutting edge open-source software and decentralized business models by providing a collaborative environment and funding possibilities for Dapp projects. Developers and entrepreneurs who wish to build the next generation of internet applications can apply for funding on the Corona website

Corona is a crypto-technology neutral organization that supports a diversity of decentralized development platforms and technologies such as those offered by Ethereum, Maidsafe, Codius, and Eris amongst others. Corona also supports other decentralization and smart contract technologies such as Bitcoin, Counterparty, Sidechains, Bitshares and NXT. All of these platforms share the same common goal of creating autonomous, distributed and secure systems.

Founded by Daniel Greene and backed by a talented team of developers and advisors, Corona aims to make Dapps easier to develop while promoting the new possibilities of their use. Dapps operate on the basis that their users agree on common rules and protocols which cannot be dictated upon them by a central authority. Additionally, they reduce the need for centralized control therefore can provide the user with much higher levels of security, trust and privacy.

According to Daniel, Dapps can be built,

"in a shorter time period compared to standard applications because of the turnkey infrastructure, lowered barrier to entry, and simplified deployment."

The increasing ease of creating such software will lead to the rapid expansion of decentralized services. These peer-to-peer services are revolutionizing the internet economy,

"offering alternatives to centralized corporate monopolies."

Dapps are anticipated to have a significant disruptive effect on the way companies do business by shifting power back to the consumer. The next generation of desktop and mobile internet applications will provide services such as peer-to-peer insurance, identity and reputation, secure messaging, and decentralized marketplaces. These applications are expected to be highly dependent upon one another "and it is this concept, that Dapps can act like cells in a larger organism, which is a core motivator for the Corona network."

By building a networking hub for Dapp developers in need of funding and resources, Corona is poised to advance new blockchain technologies, open-source software solutions and disruptive decentralized business models that may benefit billions worldwide.

About Corona
Corona is a highly collaborative development network promoting and funding the building of platform agnostic decentralized applications and services. The Corona network will accelerate adoption, increase awareness, and optimize the creation of the new decentralized web.

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