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Leading Canadian Personal Injury Website I Am Hurt Receives Major Updates

Enhanced site boasts even more in the way of useful information and simpler, more intuitive navigation, I Am Hurt reports


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- I Am Hurt, one of Canada's leading sources of information and legal assistance for all kinds of personal injury situations, announced a major update of the service's website at http://iamhurt.ca. The improved page features many helpful tweaks and enhancements, along with a number of new guides to common personal injury matters. Thanks to the new updates, I Am Hurt will do an even better job of connecting Canadians to the kind of legal representation that benefits them the most when they are injured through the faults of others.

"We're pleased to announce that we've revamped our popular website significantly," I Am Hurt representative Rick Porter noted, "Visitors to our site will now find a host of useful new information, along with an overall experience that is even more refined and rewarding than before. With more Canadians than ever needing legal representation for personal injury claims, we're proud to be able to provide an even better service to our visitors."

Despite concerted efforts of many kinds to make life in Canada safer for all, accidents and personal injuries remain major concerns. For children and young adults, government service Statistics Canada reports, accidents are still the leading cause of death, and personal injuries are also one of the top reasons that people of all ages are hospitalized. In the average year, in fact, around one in seven Canadians suffers an injury that inhibits normal activity or requires medical attention.

For many of those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents or otherwise suffer injuries, the toll can be more than purely physical, too. Many find the process of dealing with insurers and corporations intimidating and confusing, particularly insofar as these often-adversarial entities are typically far more experienced with such situations. That can lead to Canadians ending up on the hook financially even when an accident was entirely the fault of someone else.

Since the site's founding, I Am Hurt has been a top source of legal assistance for Canadians who have suffered personal injuries. By connecting visitors to the kinds of highly capable personal injury lawyer Toronto has to offer, the site helps to ensure that these difficult situations will be resolved in as favorable a manner as possible.

In addition to this valuable service, I Am Hurt also maintains and provides free access to one of the leading online collections of personal injury-related informational materials. Now significantly expanded as part of the recent site update, this resource can help any Canadian better understand their own personal injury situation. Articles like that at http://iamhurt.ca/car-accident-lawyer-toronto/, for example, give those who have been involved in particular kinds of accidents a comprehensive rundown of the relevant issues and most important considerations.

The newly updated I Am Hurt site will prove to be even more valuable and effective to visitors in both of these important ways. The updates are now in place and available, and further improvements to the site can be expected in the near future.

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