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OC Restoration Pros Publishes Exclusive, Informative New Guides to Water Damage

New guides at company's website answer most common water damage questions and provide useful tips that can make the repair process easier and less expensive, OC Restoration Pros reports


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- OC Restoration Pros, one of Orange County's leading water damage repair and mold remediation companies, announced the addition of a number of helpful new guides to the company's website at http://www.ocrestorationpros.com. With water damage being one of the most common reasons for household insurance claims, the new guides will give site visitors an idea as to what to expect if they encounter such problems themselves. Serving Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim and surrounding areas, OC Restoration Pros has become one of Orange County's must trusted and frequently recommended sources of assistance with water damage issues and more.

"Domestic water damage is a common problem, and it's also one of least well understood issues that residents of Orange County face," OC Restoration Pros representative Rich Simpson said, "The new guides at our website will help to sort through the confusion, answering the most common questions and giving those dealing with water damage strong advice about how to overcome it as painlessly and successfully as possible."

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a trade group and research service, household water damage accounts for more than a fifth of all insurance claims in the country today, with nearly four in ten home owners reporting having experienced it. Far from being the kinds of minor incidents that might be hoped for, these events are also frequently expensive in terms of the damage they do, with a mean of somewhere around $5,000 for claims that insurers pay out on.

Unfortunately, even simply figuring out whether a given home is covered for a particular incident of water damage can be difficult. In addition to providing expert help with actually repairing such damage, OC Restoration Pros is also one of the most experienced companies in Southern California at assessing and helping with these issues.

That fact led to the creation and publication of the new guides on the OC Restoration Pros website. The company's experts put their heads together and resolved to answer all of the most common questions once and for all, creating a new, uniquely valuable informational resource that will perfectly complement its top-quality water damage repair services.

On top of providing Orange County's most accomplished and reliable water damage repair, OC Restoration Pros also offers highly effective help with mold removal, prevention, and remediation. Because water damage events frequently lead to mold problems, OC Restoration Pros takes a holistic approach to each situation, doing everything possible to ensure that all of these issues are successfully dealt with once and for all.

The new water damage guides are now available for free at the OC Restoration Pros website. Visitors there can also read about the company's whole range of highly regarded services and schedule a free consultation regarding any of their own water damage or mold remediation needs.

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