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Pet Bath House of Angels Camp Completes Rewarding Move to 172 South Main Street

Roomy, accessible new location offers more space, more convenient access to area's best pet grooming and boarding services, Pet Bath House reports


Angels Camp, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Pet Bath House, one of the state's leading Dog and Cat Grooming services, has moved to a new location. The spacious new Pet Bath House facility at 172 S Main Street in Angels Camp is even more convenient and accessible than before, ensuring that families throughout Calaveras County will be able to take advantage of the company's top-quality grooming and boarding offerings. Led by certified Master Groomer of nearly 20 years Vonna Faye, Pet Bath House offers up the most expert and caring grooming and boarding services anywhere, with 24/7 attention to the needs of pets left in the company's care.

"We're happy to announce that we have completed the move to our brand new headquarters at 172 South Main Street in Angels Camp," Pet Bath House founder and Master Groomer Vonna Faye reported, "Thanks to the many advantages of this new location, the pets we care so much about are going to receive even better service. Their loving owners are also going to find it even more convenient to bring them in for appointments, too."

Even if wild animals necessarily do without such attention, domestic dogs and pets benefit greatly from help with their grooming needs. A simple thinning of the coat, for example, can make a dog that was bred for colder conditions much more comfortable in California, and even short-haired pets often profit amply from a regular trim. This is even more true of nail maintenance for pets, as domestic environments are invariably much less suited than natural ones to keeping nails appropriately short and healthy.

For nearly two decades, Pet Bath House has been one of California's top providers of these services and more. Founded by Vonna Faye after she received a diploma recognizing her as a Master of Pet Grooming in 1996, Pet Bath House has since become one of the most highly regarded and successful pet grooming and boarding companies in the country.

In nearly twenty years of operation, Pet Bath House has never experienced a single case of kennel cough, a fact that reflects the great care and seriousness with which all Pet Bath House workers treat their duties. The Pet Bath House is attended at all times by an experienced, highly trained employee, so that owners can be confident that their beloved pets are always receiving the best possible care.

The company's highly experienced dog and cat groomers commit to providing personalized, careful attention that best suits every pet's particular needs. The reputation and capabilities of Pet Bath House are so impressive, in fact, that the company also serves as a leading academy for those looking to learn the craft for themselves.

Thanks to the move to the new facility at 172 South Main Street in Angels Camp, Pet Bath House will now provide all of these impressive services in an even more convenient way. Visitors to the Pet Bath House website will find detailed descriptions of the company's services there, along with pricing and contact information.

About Pet Bath House
Providing the best, most attentive grooming and boarding for dogs and cats since 1996, Pet Bath House is Calaveras County's leading company of its kind, serving residents and their pets from a new headquarters at 172 South Main Street in Angels Camp.