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UK Contract Partners Announces Clients Receive a Free iPad Mini After Six Months

Individuals looking to avoid IR35 find this company to be of great assistance and the iPad Mini is just an added bonus, reports


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- UK Contract Partners announces they are providing clients with a free iPad Mini worth £319 once they have been a client for six months. Individuals find this is a nice bonus on top of the income they are saving by working with this company. Actually, anyone looking to avoid ir35 should definitely check this company out, as they show clients the money and provide a free gift while doing so.

"UK Contract Partners works to help clients maximise income from their contract while saving HMRC and admin headaches. Many individuals fail to realize they are at risk, yet their contract is written in a way that could have major tax implications. An IR35 expert reviews the contract to ensure certain points are not missed, as missing even one point could lead to a person being considered an employee, rather than a contractor," David Spowart, spokesperson for UK Contract Partners, explains.

Management and command is one area of concern for contractors. Any time a client dictates one's working hours, he or she is then considered an employee of the client. The same holds true if the client demands the contractor work on specific days or has specified break times, and any contract safe from IR35 must not include provisions of this type.

"This is only one area of the contractor's agreement which will be examined. Financial risks, works tools and office space, employee rights and more are others. When an individual contracts through UK Contract Partners, IR35 issues are resolved, as he or she becomes an employee and can then take home the maximum contract value without worrying about HMRC," Spowart continues.

Recent changes to legislation have affected the contractor payroll and umbrella landscape, and one cannot be too careful when it comes to HMRC. Many contractors are now realizing they are not complying with the new legislation or that they are operating too safely, therefore they are missing out on legal tax allowances. Independent contractors find the unique solution provided by UK Contract Partners to be of great help in maximising income.

"Contact us today for a no obligation illustration of how we can be of help to you. When you do so, you'll find you keep more of your hard earned money, yet no longer need to worry about HMRC. The free iPad Mini offered to long term clients is just an added bonus," Spowart declares.

About UK Contract Partners
David Spowart founded UK Contract Partners to provide contractors with an on-shore payroll solution. Individuals earning more than £15 per hour find they can maximise income while avoiding HMRC headaches with the help of this company. Outstanding services of the company include access to a specialist mortgage broker, expert negotiation training and tips along with job alerts for contract jobs.