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Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group Relaunches Lake Conroe Fine Living Website

New version of popular, longtime site is even more useful to those interested in Lake Conroe, will be further improved under agency's stewardship, Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group reports


Conroe, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- The Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group announced that Lake Conroe Fine Living, a leading online resource for those interested in the area, has been relaunched under the agency's stewardship at For more than a decade a top web destination for those interested in Lake Conroe and the homes to be found around it, the just-relaunched site now has even more in the way of useful, interesting information to offer. Having commissioned the new site and taken over maintaining it, the Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group plans to enhance it further in a number of fruitful ways in the coming weeks and months.

"Lake Conroe is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable assets of our great state," Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group principal and founder Bruce Sellers observed, "We're happy to announce that we have taken over the reins of the number-one website focusing on the area. The new version of the site is already making a great impression on visitors, and we have plenty of exciting plans for it for the future."

Lying only a short drive from Houston, the nation's fourth-largest city, 21-mile-long Lake Conroe is one of the most widely appreciated man-made lakes in the country. With excellent water quality, owing partly to its original purpose as a reservoir for that nearby metropolis, the lake provides world-class recreational opportunities to visitors, from fishing and boating to lakeside amusements of any conceivable kind.

That makes Lake Conroe a premier weekend destination for the millions of people who live in Houston and surrounding areas. A number of celebrities like baseball great Roger Clemens and legendary motorcycle racer Colin "Texas Tornado" Edwards II maintain homes there, appreciating the way the lake and its surroundings allow them to relax and enjoy life.

The lake is just as popular with those of somewhat lesser renown, as well. Many of the homes for sale conroe tx and surrounding towns host receive offers within days or less of going on the market, so great is the demand for property and accommodations in the area.

Since the site's founding over a decade ago, Lake Conroe Fine Living has been one of the best ways of all to learn about this unique, fascinating part of Texas. As one of the region's leading real estate agencies, the Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group has now taken over the ownership and maintenance of this popular, highly regarded site.

As the agency's first order of business, a full redesign of the site was commissioned, resulting a destination that is even easier and more rewarding than before to navigate. Visitors to the newly relaunched site can easily learn about all that the Lake Conroe area has to offer, from general information concerning the lake itself to detailed tips about the neighborhoods that surround it.

Those interested in buying or selling a home or other property in the area will find even more of value. In addition to a number of helpful guides targeted at both buyers and sellers, Lake Conroe Fine Living includes the most extensive collection of active listings for properties in the area. Bruce Seller & Associates Realty Group also plans a number of further enhancements to the site in the near future.

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