The Arthritis Foundation Has Provided Some Healthy Resolutions for Arthritis Patients


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Making New Year's resolutions is one of the things that people normally do before welcoming the new year. For arthritis patients, they can come up with some things to do that are beneficial for their health and condition.

The Arthritis Foundation has provided some healthy resolutions for arthritis patients. Experts believe that patients should make some significant changes in their habits and decision-making for their own benefit.

The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania conducted a study that found 46 percent of individuals who saw themselves making some positive changes experienced progress in the areas they resolved to change. Rheumatologists, therefore, provided the healthy resolutions that are advantageous for arthritis patients.

Elaine Husni, M.D., Cleveland Clinic's director of the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Treatment Center, believes that it is very important for patients to be more open to their healthcare provider. If they feel pain or feel more tired than usual, they need to let their doctor know about it. Such information can help their physician determine the treatment that is suitable for their personal needs.

"Experts also suggest that patients should include in their resolutions to practice eating more fresh produce," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

According to Dr. Husni, fresh fruits and vegetables contain high levels of micronutrients, are satisfying and are low in calories. Consuming these food items can help reduce inflammation and achieve a body weight that's healthy.

The Arthritis Foundation discussed on its website all the resolutions recommended by rheumatologists. Another one is for patients to find the workout that they love as it can help them become more motivated to become physically active on a regular basis. Workouts include chair yoga, dance class and water walking.

Rheumatologists also recommended that patients aim to get the right diagnosis, and this means getting an accurate screening for a rheumatologic exam. They also suggest that patients try to get themselves closer to their ideal body weight and find a stress reducer that works well for them.

Having a healthy weight is very advantageous for arthritis sufferers, and it can also provide life changing results. There are also some activities that can reduce stress, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and deep breathing that patients should resolve to engage themselves in.

There are many things that patients can resolve to do for their own advantages. It is important that they work hard in attaining the goals that can provide them with great health benefits. Using natural alternatives such as curcumin supplements is also believed to be one of the best ways to fight pain and stress as well as improve their overall condition (

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