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World Landforms, an Educative Online Portal, Now Provides Information on Five Types of Volcanoes


Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Inspite of there being so much curiosity around volcanoes, there is no comprehensive source of knowledge available on them. With a view to understanding this landform better, World Landforms, now provides information on five types of volcanoes. This leading educative online portal has incorporated extensive details about the five types of volcanoes that exist which include Composite or Strato-volcanoes, Shield volcanoes, Cinder cones, Spatter cones, and Complex volcanoes. To interest the readers and encourage them to look for more information about volcanoes, lots of images have been added to the write-ups.

World Landforms is a reputed name amongst the educational fraternity, including both teachers and students for providing various ideas on volcanoes. To make the information suitable for various educational purposes, the portal has written extensively about the volcanoes, classified by scientists. Be it the volcanoes above the sea level or below the oceans, in the form of a mountain or a hill that have a crater from past eruptions, readers can find substantial facts about each one of them here. Besides providing information on the five types of volcanoes, this portal can also be referred for knowing about guyots, lava fields, lava lakes, lava domes, lava spines, lava tubes, pit craters and various other landforms of the world.

Speaking more about the volcanoes, one of the representatives of World landforms stated, "Volcanoes can be devastating. It can destroy land in many different ways. One example is the submarine caldera called Kuwae. A huge island was once connected that is now two. A huge eruption happened collapsing the land in the middle underwater. The collapse associated with caldera formation may have been as much as 1,100 meters. Around 32–39 cubic km of magma was erupted, making the Kuwae eruption one of the largest in the past 10,000 years."

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