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Coops and Cages Announces 2015 Price Updates for Rabbit Hutches

Coops and Cages announces to the pet industry its latest updates in their prices for rabbit hutches this year, 2015, aiming to provide sturdy and affordable houses for bunnies.


Carlton, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Pet owners are finding it a challenge to keep pet rabbits healthy as summer arrives. Storing is becoming harder as bunnies grow.

Following their plans of expansion in 2014, Coops and Cages ™, one of the leading rabbit home providers in Australia has announced its price changes earlier this April. As of this writing, the website is offering a 72 hour sale, which gives up to 38% off on all its rabbit hutches products.

Previously, Jordan Walker, a pet enthusiast from Coops and Cages, was quoted saying about their plans of expansion "Our Company's expansion will help more pet owners provide more comfort and care for their beloved pets. They can also be confident in the fact that our products will be more exciting, more attractive, and more suitable for both their homes and animal companions". Besides rabbits, they are keen on providing enclosures for other pets such as dogs, cats, ferrets and chickens. In relation, the company released a press release announcing their dedication to create innovative home solutions for the poultry industry this March and extended help to local pet charities through pet enclosure donations just recently.

"There are more pets living in Australia than there are people", states the Animal Health Alliance in their 2013 pet ownership survey in the continent, further stating it as one of the top scorers in pet ownership in the whole world at 63%. This was reiterated in an article by, an organization concerned with re-homing rabbits, with Victoria and New South Wales accounting for 60% of all these pets. In 2009 alone, rabbits, along with other small mammals accounted for a good 1.06 million in the Australian pet population.

With the pet industry in Australia booming in general, there is little doubt as to the needs for rabbit enclosures to provide more comfortable and safer environment for the creatures. Rabbits can live indoor or outdoor lives. Harsh environment can affect these animals, so sheltering them will greatly decrease this chance. Keeping the pets in hutches when outside is considered a safer choice. In line with the mission to provide quality enclosures for pets, Coops and Cages ™ is dropping their prices in wood and mesh rabbit hutches, from small to large sizes. Further, interested buyers could avail of the website's free shipping Australia wide service, which they offer along with a 100% money back guarantee and a year product warranty.

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Coops and Cages™ is a company that proudly supports AnimalAid, RSPCA, WSPA and Guide dogs, in their aim at providing safe and good homes for pets.

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