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Plus Size Models Provoke Purchases: Lux Lingerie Comment


Colne, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- Recent figures by the international New York based lingerie firm Adore Me, have revealed that plus size models are likely to sell underwear than slimmer blonde models.

This research was gathered through A/B testing – a marketing strategy in which consumers are shown advertisements in order to evaluate their purchasing preferences and habits.

Adore Me's statistics involved the use of three advertisements screened in January, and marks some interesting revelations in regard to underwear.

Lux Lingerie, a key quality underwear company, have been quick to comment on these results.
The findings could be seen as highly positive, putting down prejudices that only slimmer models are viable for marketing. After all, the average UK dress size is a 16, and it could in turn be seen as evident that buyers of underwear are more likely to respond to models who reflect a move average size.

This isn't necessarily a case of proclaiming, therefore, that plus-size models are always better, but ultimately model shapes and sized should vary to reflect a greater diversity of size and shape, thus really celebrating women's bodies.

This could also appear to suggest that many models dominating the catwalks and fashion brochures – often ranging between a size 0 to size 8 – are not typically encouraging the purchase of underwear; instead, models who reflect and embrace the reality of the female body tend to have a greater buying impact.
Especially considering that so much advertising is now visual – with the medium of the internet as well as Instagram and Pinterest – attractive imagery of course makes sales.

Lux Lingerie are a company specialising in quality lingerie, as well as frequent commentators upon the market. "These figures highlight the importance of celebrating a variety of body shapes and sizes, especially in regards to underwear" a spokesperson from Lux commented.

"Here at Lux lingerie, we have a wide range of fittings and styles so everyone can be suited. Underwear is an essential after all, but also something that everyone deserves to feel great in. On our comprehensive website we have a variety of beautiful models celebrating their bodies in our wonderful designs, with a number of curvy women. We hope many more underwear advertisers and sellers will follow suit."

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