Smartphone Users Can Now Cut Down the Costs of Their Phone Usage

The Wireless Plans Offered By Free Mobile Data Plans Offer Many Benefits To Users


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Those who are using contract plans for their cellular networks can now pay less because the news is they can switch to the wireless plans of the best value offered Free Mobile Data The company assures that the costs users incur for the latest smartphones like the iPhone 5S may come down even by 50% if they switch to their wireless plans..

The plans the company is offering are flat rate plans that include costs of calls, texts and data. Further, all their plans are all prepaid plans and hence, users need not sign a contract for starting a new iPhone service. Free Mobile Data proudly points out that Verizon customers and AT&T customers are also switching to the free data plans they offer for avoiding the extra costs they have to bear for the shared data plans and the contract cellphone services offered by these companies.

The company further points out that iPhone users will get the best data plan for their smartphone and it is a free data plan and not a shared data plan. If they activate their AT&T iPhone 5S now, they will get the benefit of unlimited calls and unlimited texts at as low a rate of $30 per month which includes taxes as well. This means users can make clear savings. Users are therefore urged to choose an iPhone service plan with the Verizon MVNO service or the AT&T MVNO service the company offers so they can cut their cellphone bills even by 50%. Customers who have been using a Verizon contract can get out of it and transfer their numbers also.

The company assures that when users activate their iPhones using the free data plans they are offering, they can keep the favorite features of their phones without paying extra costs of the shared data plans. They can keep the same nationwide cellular network and need not also worry about the overage charges that accompany contract cellphone service plans. In short, users can get the best prepaid services and the best plans available in the country for their iPhones or android phones if they switch to the plans offered by the company. The best advantage is users need not unlock or jailbreak their phones for using the services the company offers. They can bring their own phones for cutting down on the costs for starting the new smartphone service.

The company says that the wireless plans they offer are great for teenagers and college students. Users can easily make their budgeting for their household wireless expenses.

About Free Mobile Data
Free Mobile Data is offering wireless plans of the best value. Those who have been using contract plans for the cellular networks of their smartphones can switch to the plans offered by the company so they can save up to 50%. There is no need to unlock and jailbreak the phones for using the services offered by the company. Further, users can bring their own phones for cutting down the costs.

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