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First Response Introduces a Groundbreaking Medical Alarm System to Protect Seniors in America


Brewster, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- First Response, America's leading authority and nationwide provider of personal emergency response systems (PERS) for independent seniors and individuals with chronic disabilities, is introducing a new generation of home medical alert systems that offers consumers a variety of modern-day features not found in traditional at-home emergency medical systems and devices.

Scott Hazlewood, Director of Client Services USA for First Response states, "First Response System is excited to introduce the industry's first 'all-in-one' personal emergency response system that combines land line, cellular and multiple remote activation speaker connections all within the same system. As an added bonus, extended range signal coverage from the personal emergency alarm button to the console has been significantly increased. This newly improved system provides seniors and consumers with more security and monitoring alarm protection than ever before, making this the best medical alert system for seniors today."

For decades, seniors and their family member caregivers were provided with a minimum of choices when selecting an emergency medical alarm system for use in the home and around the property. The land line system, requiring a land line phone connection to a base console unit, ruled the industry for several decades. In this century, with the rapid growth of cell phone users and related cellular networks nationwide, the medical alarm industry began offering a cellular dialer system for use in the home where no land line phone connection was needed.

This new technology was lauded as a major product breakthrough for both the industry and the senior adult consumer marketplace. Greg Ribaudo, Chief Technology Officer of First Response System elaborates, "Incorporating cellular technology into our product lines freed seniors from the restriction of having only one choice in medical alert systems. With the new cell dialer system, seniors finally had a reliable, high-performance option for the home. Consumers were given the ability to transmit the alarm signal through a land line or a cell tower network."

A significant and newly available feature of this combination medical alarm system is the capability to integrate multiple remote speakers and personal help alert buttons serving as wireless transmitter devices to the monitoring base console unit.

Previously, 2-way voice communication between the user and the live emergency operator was confined to the 2-way voice speaker located directly on the base console unit. Now, up to four or five "Remote Speaker Microphone" modules that can be wall or counter base mounted, allow clear, loud 2-way voice communication between the user and their certified First Response emergency operator from the bathroom, laundry, 2nd floor, or basement- virtually anywhere within wireless range of the monitoring base station console.

For commercial users, such as sports and fitness clubs, independent living community housing and other communal venues where emergency medical alarm and monitoring is critical, the new combination medical alert system can accommodate up to 16 personal help buttons worn either as a wireless, lightweight bracelet or portable alarm necklace/ pendant. Affordably priced and always maintenance-free, commercial and residential users alike can now take advantage of the latest in medical alarm technology and modern-day features to deliver independence, mobility and peace-of-mind security.

About First Response
First Response is a national provider of affordable, reliable medical alarm systems and emergency monitoring services, medical equipment and senior living products, and fall prevention and home safety education programs serving America's seniors and their families.

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