The Arthritis Foundation Shares Five Walking Strategies Arthritis Patients Need for Fitness Success


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- For arthritis patients, engaging in physical activities can be very challenging or even impossible. However, they need to become physically active to maintain or improve their mobility.

The Arthritis Foundation has provided the five walking strategies for arthritis patients who want to achieve fitness success. Walking is a great medicine, because it strengthen muscles and this can help reduce pain and help shift pressure from joints.

Experts believe that walking repeatedly can help compress and release the knee cartilage. It can also help circulate the synovial fluid that provides oxygen and nourishes the joints. Joints that are not nourished usually deteriorate faster.

"Despite the benefits offered by walking, it can be difficult for arthritis patients to walk. This is why experts are providing some tips on how to improve their chance for success by providing some walking strategies," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

According to The Arthritis Foundation, one of the best ways to maintain a regular walking program is to simply get a buddy. It is best that patients of psoriatic arthritis spend about three nights a week walking with a buddy. A walking buddy can be very helpful, especially for the elderly population.

It can also be helpful to do something different, and this means making the walk more pleasurable by using different routes. Patients can go to scenic routes, head for the track, pretend they're tourists or simply walk wherever they are, such as in the field or restaurant.

"Experts also emphasize the importance of getting good shoes. Choosing the right pair of shoes can significantly help patients become more motivated to walk," added O'Sullivan.

Nicholas Abidi, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, stated that a good pair of shoes is the only equipment needed for walking. Shoes can vary from casual to athletic and it is best for patients to choose a pair that is of good quality and lightweight.

Tracking one's progress is also an important part of maintaining a regular walking program. Patients who recognize their progress are often the ones that are more motivated to achieve more goals. It allows them to stay motivated and continue their healthy activity.

Following a walking program is imperative among arthritis patients. In addition to regular exercise, sufferers are also advised to consume healthy foods, especially those that are helpful among those with arthritis. There are also herbal supplements such as glucosamine that are highly recommended by experts (

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