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High Pressure and Thinner Margins Lead Manufacturers to Poor Communication


Mankato, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2015 -- Like it or not, the global economy brought higher pressure and thinner margins right to your doorstep. Nobody feels this as keenly as the production managers and shop foreman in the small manufacturing operation. These key individuals must constantly pace the shop floor to eyeball the process and look for problems, shepherding workflow and throughput through a mix of first-person viewpoint, second-hand information, and a variety of tracking systems. These methods can include disconnected spreadsheets, phone calls, emails, face-to-face conversations, and the good old scheduling whiteboard, which is frantically updated as demands and challenges change. In the midst of all this chaos manufacturing leaders are failing to communicate with shop floor employees.

PDP Solutions is quickly becoming the preferred third party vendor for manufacturers outsourcing the employee communications function.

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People Driven Performance (http://www.pdpsolutions.com) impacts improved internal communications, via interactive design, delivers an employee-centric engagement system driving improved employee retention, best-practice lean productivity, and increased bottom-line profitability.

Unlike desktop solutions promising better engagement, the PDP solution is uniquely suited to on-the-move plant floor production employees ensuring a simple and straightforward way to access key company metrics and other information. The result is full participation and understanding of the functions, status, and standing of the company. Employee communication ensures a personal responsibility for well-being of management and colleagues with whom they work each day.

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