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Profit Rocket Is Offering a Free Adwords Review

Profit Rocket is now offering a free Adwords review to any individual who requests it. The Adwords review will last for 5-minutes.


Cape Town, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- Tygervalley Cape Town, South Africa 7536Tygervalley Cape Town, South Africa 7536, April 16, 2015 – Profit Rocket, a popular Adwords management company, is currently reaching out to business owners who are willing to spend $1,000 + per month on Google advertising. This company is available to point out any missing profits in the business owners Adwords account by doing a free review of the Adwords campaign.

Most Google campaigns have the capabilities of boosting their Adwords ROI by a minimum of 20 percent and that is overnight, as long as they use the right strategies at hand.

Alain van Heerden, the co-founder of Profit Rocket, is responsible for the strategy and vision of the company. He has been working in this field for over 7 years and has a good track record of successfully launching various Adwords campaigns for clients throughout the world.

Profit Rocket Marketing

The first step to taking part in Profit Rocket marketing involves getting a free Adwords review. They aren't your normal every day multi-service PPC company that offers Adwords as a side business – this is a group of individuals that are experts in the field and specialize in Google Adwords and nothing more than that. They are fully dedicated to Adwords alone.

Here's an introduction to the staff:

- Alain van Heerden – Founder
- Zulika van Heerden – Co-founder
- Tim Scott - Senior PPC Strategist
- Bradley Weibel – PPC Strategist
- Estelle Swanepoel – PPC Strategist

Each one of the members has over 17 years combined experience in the field.

In order to schedule your business for a free Adwords review, simply go to this page and click "Start Free Adwords Review." Individuals will be asked for their name, email, number of leads received per month, the cost per lead and how much the individual would like to pay per lead. They will do a 5-minute Adwords review on the individuals account and tell them what they can do in order to turn more clicks into customers.

Profit Rocket is a business with real people who are fully focused on delivering amazing business results for their clients. They are small, experienced and results-driven. They want nothing more than to see each and every one of their customers succeed and that is why they are offering a free 5-minute Adwords review to any individual who signs up for it.

About Profit Rocket
Profit Rocket is a business that is fully focused on Adwords and nothing more. They have a staff that has over 17 years of experience.

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Company Phone : +27227154474