PhenomeNEWS Publishes New Review as Girlfriend Activation System Releases New Version 2

PhenomeNEWS has just reviewed the Girlfriend Activation System version 2.0, promising the very latest in honed and developed seduction techniques for those seeking long term partners.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- Most so-called pick up artists seem to specialize on the quick win, the fling, the one night stand. While many men can see the allure of this practice, most will at some point realize they are looking not just for sex but for intimacy and partnering. The Girlfriend Activation System was created to help those looking for a girlfriend play the long game masterfully. They have just released a massive update in Version 2.0, which has been reviewed by PhenomeNEWS in order to evaluate its advantages over the existing product and the wider market.

The new review goes into detail about the huge video seminar library that has been created by the Girlfriend Activation System team. The new seminars take up two full days to brief individuals on every aspect of creating a relationship, from first introduction to going steady.

The seminars feature no less than twenty three topics from a range of guest experts, discussing everything from challenge to being genuine to nurturing intimacy and social dating to converge networks and create a solid foundation.

The new materials are highly reviewed by PhenomeNEWS, who have undertaken the two day course to reflect on the insights gained, explaining the system now offers phenomenal value for money for all those who want to create lasting relationships.

A spokesperson for explained, "We are happy to rate the new version of the Girlfriend Activation System very highly, though we would say it is much more than a new version and more of an expansion pack of sorts. The original is still highly worth checking out, but with this companion piece creates a single, unstoppable strategic method for connecting with woman on every level, but pacing those levels of connection properly to prevent scaring anybody off. It's a great system, and one we believe will come to dominate the market."

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