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Mens Walking Shoe Reviews Launches a Walking Sandals Campaign

Individuals are turning to sandals as the weather warms up and need to take care to ensure they are getting a suitable pair of walking shoes when doing so, reports


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- Summer is quickly approaching and individuals are turning to sandals to keep cool when the weather turns hot. Sandals allow the feet to breathe, yet care must be taken to ensure proper footwear is purchased, as flip flops aren't a good choice when one is walking for exercise. For this reason, is encouraging consumers to take care when choosing summer shoes for exercise purposes.

"Sandals remain a good choice during warm weather, simply because they allow the feet to breathe. Ancient Egyptians frequently wore sandals and Americans have been donning this type of footwear for more than 10,000 years now. The oldest known sandals were actually discovered in Oregon. This style of footwear has undergone many modifications over the years, and now individuals have more styles to choose from than ever before," Steven Mueller, spokesperson for Mens Walking Shoe Reviews, states.

Sandals come in open and closed toe versions, and each has its advantages. Open toe shoes tend to be extremely flexible and last for an extended period of time. One can wear these shoes on regular terrain and they dry rapidly when they get wet. Closed toed versions are heavier and offer more protection for the foot, making them the perfect choice for walking on rough terrain.

Regardless of which type is selected, sandals remain a great footwear choice. They can easily be carried in one's backpack or worn all day comfortably. Turn to Mens Walking Shoe Reviews for reviews on mens walking sandals before purchasing new sandals to determine which ones receive the highest reviews. Doing so ensures one gets the right pair for their unique needs, Mueller explains.

Men may also wish to consider investing in a pair of Velcro walking shoes (, as they are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Many choose this type of footwear as they don't need to constantly check the laces when walking at a brisk pace. There is no risk of tripping over a lace when these shoes are selected.

"Consider many different types of walking shoes to find the right pair for any trek. With many different styles to select from, individuals are sure to find a pair they love and wish to wear every time they head out. Before making any purchase, however, be sure to check out Mens Walking Shoe Reviews. Here one can find the information they need to choose the right footwear each and every time," Mueller reports.

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