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Your Photo to Sketch Launches New Art Trends with Family Portraits and Snapshots

Photographs now brought out of the back of the house into the main family rooms with new artistic mediums reports


Grand Terrace, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- A well-known rule of thumb has always been to decorate the living areas of a home with works of art, relegating photos of the family to the bedrooms. However, according to recent decorating commentaries on current trends, this advice is changing. Whether using photo grids or one large distinctive focal point, family photos are one again considered fashionable to hang in the common areas of the home. However, the types of photos one uses to decorate with are changing from the snap shots or portrait photographs of old.

Says Adam Evens, spokesperson for Your Photo To Sketch (, the latest trend is leaning towards hand sketches, charcoal renderings and oil paintings to lend a distinctive flair to decorating. Explains Evens, "By making use of a combination of black, white, and gray colors, the artist is able to portray a setting, an event, or a moment in the simplest of hues, while projecting the beauty and relevance of the moment. However, not everyone can afford a charcoal artist at their events, or had the forethought to do so, and that's where we step in. We provide hand drawn portraits crated from our clients' photographs, where every single detail is also hand-drawn. We employ experienced and talented artists who have perfected the art of charcoal drawing, making sure the photos provided to us will be transformed into great charcoal sketches that can be proudly shown to friends and family in places of honor on the wall."

Charcoal drawings are not the only types of artwork available from a photograph. Evens says some photographs naturally lend themselves more to a hand drawing. "There are photos that will look better when sketched rather than rendered. That statement also holds true the other way around. But when you really want to make a stunning statement, oil paintings are the way to go. It could be a photo of a place that you've been to. A landscape that means a lot to you. It could be a portion of a beach where you and a loved one once sat to watch the sun set. Or it could be the table in a restaurant where you and your other half had your first candle light date. If you have a strong connection with a photo whether it features a face, faces, family, friends, a place, or a thing, then it deserves an oil painting treatment."

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Your Photo to Sketch ( creates 100% hand drawn or painted works of art from a customer's photos. Regardless of the subject manner, be it a portrait, landscape, cityscape, or still life, their professional artists will create an original work of art in the style of the customer's choosing. Their artists hand draw or paint masterpieces using the best natural painting software available. The pieces are then printed on archival paper or canvas using a museum quality printing technique known as giclée, resulting in a high-quality, and original fine art print.