RealtyPact Launches, Providing Professional, Signature-Ready Real Estate Paperwork

Company's accessible paperwork accounts for unique details of every transaction while costing only a fraction of what attorneys charge, RealtyPact reports


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- The founders of RealtyPact announced that the new real estate document preparation service has launched and is now available to clients. The new service takes a unique, much-needed stand on the formerly barren middle ground between difficult do-it-yourself real estate contracts, on the one hand, and expensive attorney hours or realtors and their commissions, on the other. RealtyPact is the easiest and most cost-effective way to conduct for-sale-by-owner transactions, quitclaim deeds, and other real estate transfers. Working with RealtyPact is simple, reliable, and straightforward compared with generalized, do-it-yourself contracts, but can save clients thousands off the fees attorneys or agents normally charge.

"We're thrilled to announce that our new service is now online and doing business," RealtyPact Director of Marketing and Operations Allen Freeman said, "There is no longer any reason at all to struggle with finishing normal off-the-shelf real estate paperwork. Our affordable real estate paperwork ready for signature handles the specific details of every transaction, while saving our clients thousands of dollars."

Becoming more common for decades, for-sale-by-owner home sales now account for nearly 10% of all such deals in the United States, according to a 2014 National Association of REALTORS report. That same source identified the greatest hurdle for owners who go this route as being the understanding and preparation of paperwork, with a full 50% more sellers labeling this the top difficulty than did the next most common problem.

In the past, owners who manage the sales of their own homes have had two basic options: Either spend thousands of dollars on attorney fees, or try to make use of generic, off-the-shelf real estate contract forms or software. Neither path has proven to be satisfying in general, a longstanding issue that RealtyPact was founded to address.

At incredibly affordable prices, the new service provides any necessary real estate documents, all customized and completed to the point that they are ready for signatures. Within three business days after contacting the company and paying a fee that is competitive with that charged for generic offerings, RealtyPact clients can have all of the necessary paperwork in hand and ready to go, along with simple filing and usage instructions, as well.

The new company even provides simple phone-based and mail-in questionnaire options for those who would rather not supply the necessary information by computer. Any person who would like to conduct a real estate transaction without paying expensive agents or attorneys, then, can now do so with RealtyPact, while enjoying the low prices normally associated with confusing, incomplete do-it-yourself forms. With for-sale-by-owner deals only becoming more popular, RealtyPact arrives at exactly the right moment to save countless people money and save them from making potentially costly mistakes.

About RealtyPact
RealtyPact supplies sellers and others with highly affordable, professionally prepared real estate paperwork that is ready to receive signatures, saving clients money and doing away with the confusion and dangers of the common do-it-yourself options.