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Time to Throw out the Stereo and Get an iPhone Amplification System


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- There's nothing quite like the convenience of listening to music on an iPhone. You have thousands of songs and hundreds of stations available at your fingertips.

Andrew Lee of San Diego then had an idea: What if these songs could be amplified to fill up a room? You could replace a stereo system with your phone, saving money and space while expanding your music options exponentially.

Lee's idea has come to fruition as his company, elago, has developed an Acoustic Amplification Stand for iPhone 6. This upright stand allows access to the screen, allowing the user to change songs or accept incoming calls. The acoustic amplification system is entirely free of electronics, increasing the output volume of the phone so music can be played in an office or living room.

The stand is designed to eliminate the tangling of cables and can charge the phone while music is being played. This Acoustic Amplification Stand is easily installed and taken apart, and contains no metal so the iPhone's connectivity will not be affected.

"Our motto is 'Simple Sophistication,' says Lee. "The stand is made entirely of transparent acrylic which gives it a very modern and sophisticated look. In this digital age of mass production, we wanted to bring a new mix of classic and modern design. Each analog stand is hand-polished to ensure that there is no mass production feel."

The design has been finalized and tested so the next step is to produce and market the product. Lee estimates that elago will need $10,000 for technical equipment, manufacturing costs, shipping and advertising.

In order to generate this capital, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

Several perks are being offered to encourage financial support of this project. For $15, backers will receive a key-ring headphone splitter and a C6 car charger. A $30 contribution gets you an elago T-shirt.

For $100, you can get the Acoustic Amplification Stand itself.

"This is a revolutionary new product and one that we feel will really catch on," Lee says. "People who would like to back this project can get some great equipment at a low price. Once it hits the market, I'm sure the cost will rise considerably."

For additional information, visit; the elago website,; or the elago Facebook page,

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