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DualDraw, Manufacturer of Air Filtration Equipment, Now Provides Wet Scrubbers at an Affordable Price


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- Pure and fresh air is very important in keeping a body healthy. But, in certain offices and industries, employees suffer from major health issues due to the inhalation of impure air. Therefore, with an objective to help people breathe easily in their work place, DualDraw, a manufacturer of air filtration equipment, now provides wet scrubbers at an affordable price. These are web dust collectors which are available as self-contained scrubbers or downdraft tables. Flammable metal dusts like aluminum, magnesium and titanium are collected with the help of this dust collection equipment. Besides metal dust, a wet scrubber is also used for collecting flour, paper, plastic, sugar, wood and coal, etc. Their wet dust collection system is compliant with the standards of OSHA and NFPA, setting them apart in the market.

When it comes to providing the best air filtration solutions, DualDraw reigns on top. The company offers a number of products for dust collection such as wet collectors/scrubbers, wet downdraft tables and wet walk-in clean air stations. Their wet downdraft tables have utilized the patented DualDraw approach for capturing distributed airflow across a vented back stop and ventilated work surface. The solutions provided by the company abide to both national as well as local regulations. These collectors are suitable for capturing various other harmful materials like embers or sparks which are generated during the process of heating work.

Speaking more about the industrial dust collection equipment offered by the company, one of the representatives of DualDraw stated, "The wet filtration system is designed to capture hazardous and combustible dust without compromising safety. Typical efficiencies are approximately 95% to 5.0 ?. Metal mesh dehumidifiers are located after wet filtration and prior to exhaust to reduce overall system humidity. All wet collectors are constructed with 304 stainless steel."

About DualDraw
DualDraw was founded to help people breathe easier. They continue to accomplish this objective through the manufacture and service of high-quality air filtration products for both industrial and homeland security use. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States, their downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other specialized air filtration equipment are used across the globe to protect operators, eliminate cross contamination, and serve other various safety and air quality needs. Their industrial products utilize the DualDraw patented symmetrical airflow design that provides customers with enhanced safety and hazard elimination.

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