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Prototype Casting Now Enables Customers with the Service of Distinct RPM Casting at Competitive Prices


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2015 -- In today's industry, the possibilities of mold making and casting are endless, and so is the array of supplies, equipment and materials available to create these molds. Hence, Prototype Casting, a prominent provider of excellent casting services, now enables customers with the services of distinct RPM casting at a competitive price. The company uses a number of techniques such as SLA's or customer supplied pattern, hard tooling and wax patterns for creating silicon master tools for different parts. This silicone tooling can further be used for making multiple plaster molds.

In order to fill complex geometry and thin walls effectively, the plaster mold is heated and cured. After which the hot molten metal is poured into the casting. Besides this, with the help of the in-house tooling department, the company offers zinc casting which is highly-durable. This is an excellent option for the production of various parts and castings. The other services that the company offers are engineering support, part repair or modification, machined parts, tool making, inspection and testing, etc.

Speaking more about the advantages of RPM casting, one of the representatives of Prototype Casting stated, "RPM casting is a natural fit for electronic enclosures that heat integrated heat sink fins, as well as lightweight and complex parts cast from aluminum and magnesium. The durability of the silicone tooling will depend on a variety of factors but, in many cases, can be used to make hundreds of parts without degradation. It has near die cast surface finishing. Zero draft is possible with this kind of casting."

About Prototype Casting
Prototype Casting helps to meet one's stringent project deadlines and when one needs parts while ramping-up to full production. To simulate one's die-cast parts before paying for the expensive, hard tooling, they are the best in the industry. Customers can also get parts fully machined from stock. In addition, they care for the requirements of high-quality castings in quantities from 1-2,500 pieces per year. They also test for form, fit, and function. They eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before production.

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