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Purebred Breeders Now Connecting Puppy Lovers to Top 20% of Dog Breeders in the Country

Purebred Breeders has undertaken a stringent series of procedures, approving only the top 20% of applicant dog breeders for their puppy matching service for families seeking a canine companion.


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2015 -- Dogs have been known as man's best friend since civilization first began, so it is no surprise that as human numbers boom, so do dog numbers. This does however mean that not all breeders are as careful, scrupulous and caring of their dogs as they should be, and many families only want purebred puppies from reputable breeders. Purebred Breeders is an online service connecting breeders and dog lovers, in order to secure puppies with loving homes for a lifetime. Their nationwide network is now live and is made up of only those breeders that pass their stringent screening process.

Customers can search the network through the website with the use of their puppy finder service, in which they can state the breed and preferred gender of the puppy they want, as well as any other specifications, before providing their contact details, which will then be passed to a Purebred Breeders puppy counselor who can fulfill their needs.

The breeders themselves must apply to the website in order to be added to the listings, and only the top 20% of applicants are accepted after going through Purebred Breeders' rigorous authentication processes

A spokesperson for www.PurebredBreeders.com explained, "We offer a puppy matching service unlike any other, making it easier than ever for people to source their ideal dog breed, and receive a healthy, happy puppy that has been checked by veterinarians from a reputable breeder. We also have our own re-homing program and support the great work of many dog shelters, so using the service means users are simultaneously aiding dogs in need. As well as our stringent criteria for breeders, we offer a ten year guarantee to show ultimate confidence in our unique service."

About Purebred Breeders
Purebred Breeders helps families throughout America bring a happy, healthy puppy into the fold. Their network of experienced dog breeders is nationwide, and each is specially selected for its commitment to bringing puppies to ideal families, share in our commitment to place the puppy of your dreams in the ideal home for their breed, connecting potential owners and breeders in the best possible way. For more information please visit: http://www.purebredbreeders.com/