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The Law of Attraction Is Yours: Discover How Your Life Can Become What You Want

Discover what author and success story Katherine Hurst has to say about how you can finally reach your dreams.


Essex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- Despite the amazing technological advances that now allow anyone to communicate and do business with the world right from their own home, it seems people are struggling more now than they ever have. These people are at a loss to figure out how to have the happiness they want, the relationships they desire and the money and career they need. To undo all of that heartbreak and release positive feelings into the world that will bring about the necessary change, Greater Minds LTD is announcing their campaign to help everyone learn about the power of manifestation.

Katherine Hurst is a writer and a success manifestation instructor and expert. She has used these methods to achieve her own success and is now determined to help others find their success and happiness as well. She explains, "What does everyone want? If we are honest, the details may be different for each person, but the basics are the same. We all want to be thin, healthy, rich and successful. We want our lives to be fun and exciting and full of love and people we love."

"So, why is it so many are not enjoying these things? Why are so many people alone, tired and depressed? Why, in a world where there is so much wealth and so much to enjoy, are people working jobs they hate and struggling just to meet their most meager needs?"

Hurst feels the answer may be depression and negativity. According to her program, the Law of Attraction, people only need to project into the universe their desires, goals and wishes to receive back what they want. When they only project out negativity, they unfortunately often get that negative result back. She has experienced this for herself and now shares her advice and goals with her followers on her website as well as her Facebook page.

"With the Law of Attraction wealth, respect, love and more can be yours." Hurst declares. "By following the guidelines we teach, by truly believing in what positive thought and active manifestation can accomplish, participants in these programs will be astounded at not just how well this is all able to work, but also how quickly it will start."

"For those people who are struggling in life, whether it is one part of their life or every part, look into this exciting, life changing opportunity. They have nothing to lose and could honestly one day have everything they have ever dreamed of."

About Greater Minds LTD
With her powerful message of discovering destiny, Katherine Hurst has won herself a huge following of fans all over the world. Her 90-day manifestation program is helping people to change their lives for the better, faster than they ever imagined possible. She plans to continue spreading her message of the power of believing in your own success and is striving to get her discovery of the "Law of Attraction" out to everyone.