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Portman Asset Finance Publishes New Guides to Common Asset-Based Financing Needs

Exclusive new guides look at asset-based financing for start-ups and finance leasing for construction companies and others, Portman Asset Finance reports


Northampton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- Portman Asset Finance, for over 50 years one of the United Kingdom's top sources of financing for businesses, published two unique new guides at the company's website. The first of the new articles tackles the subject of asset financing for start-up companies, pointing out how this valuable tool can allow new businesses to grow more quickly and securely. The second new publication takes an in-depth look at finance leasing, detailing the many advantages of this means of acquiring important, business-furthering equipment. With unparalleled customer service that includes an account manager for every client, Portman Asset Finance helps companies in the United Kingdom seize new opportunities and achieve greater results.

"Despite the power and value of asset-based financing tools, they are still frequently sources of confusion for many who could benefit from them," Portman Asset Finance representative James Rogers said, "Our new guides are going to help take the mystery out of a pair of our most valuable offerings. At Portman Asset Finance, we're committed to helping companies throughout the United Kingdom better understand their options, and these new publications are another step in that direction."

A recent survey of its members by the Asset Based Finance Association revealed that more than 40,000 U.K. companies made use of this kind of financing at the end of 2014. Lenders who specialize in these arrangements offer loans that are secured by a particular piece of equipment or other business asset to be purchased with the cash that is advanced.

That requires a depth of specialized knowledge that traditional banks rarely possess. For more than 50 years, Portman Asset Finance has been working with companies in a wide range of industries to help them acquire new equipment and assets on favorable terms, thereby enabling them to expand, shore up operations, or otherwise better their situations.

Every Portman Asset Finance client enjoys a direct, personal relationship with an experienced account manager who has a deep understanding of the client's industry and niche. That level of service allows Portman Asset Finance to consistently provide more favorable terms than direct competitors and banks do, because it means that a much more precise and accurate picture of any given proposed deal's viability and risk level can be developed.

The new Portman Asset Finance guides will help to show those in a pair of common situations how this style of financing could be of special benefit to them. The first article delves into the use of asset financing for young companies at start-up stage, where a lack of business history and resources can make acquiring much-needed capital difficult.

The second new guide covers the advantages of finance leasing, a common method of construction finance and other sorts where the lender retains title to a piece of equipment and which can offer even more flexibility than other asset-based options for certain clients. Both new publications are available now at the Portman Asset Finance website.

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