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Reclaimed Oak Flooring – Fresh Ideas for a Beautiful Home

From shady to subtle, reclaimed oak flooring has a massive variety to offer when it comes to shades and patterns. A perfect combination of an exclusive look and a refined style, reclaimed oak flooring is extensively used for achieving a rich, warm, luxurious look in residential projects. It goes with any colour scheme and furniture and is much less vulnerable to warping and distortion. All in all, a perfect flooring material that is visually appealing, earth-friendly and also easy on the budget.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- Explore The Endless Applications Of Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Design a grand-looking bedroom with this honey-dipped tone and embellish it with soft colourful rugs or add a touch of warmth and texture to the kitchen and give it a modern vibe - possibilities are endless and options are many when it comes to reclaimed oak flooring. This versatile product works with almost any décor and design. Reclaimed oak flooring renders a stylish and classy aura when used as a matte-finish. An earthy colour palette is perfect for a living space that reflects light and remains airy. This earth-friendly flooring can be stained in varying shades for a chic appeal. Whatever be the theme – ultra-modern, classy, urban, vintage, or minimalistic, reclaimed oak flooring offers a lot of scope for playing with style and colours. At the reclaimed flooring co. dark oiled hand-made French oak planks and floorboards are supplied unfinished for every use. Use wider planks of reclaimed oak flooring to create a spacious feel.

Splurge Any Space with Reclaimed Oak Flooring And Transform It From Minimalistic to Ultramodern

Give those boring brick walls a fresh new look with wooden wall cladding or simply go bold with painted reclaimed oak flooring. For every concept, the reclaimed flooring company has a custom-made product that perfectly blends with the existing ambience. Create a classy urban pattern with inferno black oak floor or get inspired by the barn yard black and design a vintage home, every idea comes to life with the massive variety available only the reclaimed flooring co. All the products are selectively sourced and hand-crafted to perfection for a brilliant finish. Turn that inherited property into a warm, inviting and cosy weekend home with the endless variety of tailor-made planks and panels. There is something to suit every corner of the house. Use a white colour scheme and beige furniture with a darker tone of oak floor to bring out the contrast. Reclaimed oak flooring is available in every imaginable tone and texture that is needed to design a gorgeous space.

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The Reclaimed Flooring Co. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and affordable reclaimed oak flooring. The company has an endless array of pre-finished floorboards that range from painted wood and tailor-made patina to antique panels and driftwood flooring.

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