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15% Growth in Underwear in Eight Years? Lux Lingerie Comment


Colne, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- According to a study recently released by Technopak advisors, a popular consultancy in retail, sales of lingerie in India are anticipated to grow by at least 15% over the next eight years. But why is this relevant? Alongside the statistics, experts have advised that such growth is due to the online presence of lingerie stores having greater popularity amongst male users. Ultimately, men are able to select underwear for their partners much more accessibility as an ideal gift. This not only has implications in India, but in the UK, of course.

The online market for lingerie after all, is internationally highly popular, it allows the individual to select from a wide range of designs according to their specifications and desires. In this way, underwear shopping can much more readily become a treat, rather than a chore. The online market is seeing much popularity in Asia as a whole at the moment, also allows a wide range of current designs to be available – connecting people with both the exotic and erotic.

Lux Lingerie are experts in the lingerie industry as well as frequent commentators on activity in the field. They were quick to comment in light of the latest news.

"The anticipated increased interest in Lingerie purchase in India is a highly valuable statistic," A spokesperson told us "As it notifies us of areas of increase in underwear popularity and allows the best designers to see what is popular and why, and in turn fuel other markets – such as in the UK. The increased interest in India is also important as allows the increased awareness of beautiful designs and allows for a cross-cultural awareness for new trends.

Especially popular in the UK and India at the moment are light lace pieces – which are after all ideal for summer. It is our passion as a key lingerie provider to take note of this polarity and really direct it in the designs we source, so many more people can enjoy it."

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