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David Hoffmeister Offers a Free 30 Day Course in Miracles

It Is A Program Which Helps People Unwind And Take Stock Of Their Lives


Kamas, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2015 -- People from across the world are invited to 'The Miracle of Forgiveness", conducted by David Hoffmeister and his team starting June 1st. It is a 30 day class that helps people deal with stress, doubts and emotional turmoil in their day to day lives with a positive outlook. There are many tools that are included in this session which have proved to be effective in helping people change their perception about life and its problems. His talks are said to be inspiring and his manner, pleasing.

This online course in miracles claims to help people by bringing them together and elevating their lives with messages, inspirational videos and different themes for every week. There are many issues which are not addressed at the right time and all of these create a mental block in the lives of the respective individuals. This free class by David Hoffmeister aims at removing the same with the help of miracles. Interested people can sign up for free on their website and know more about the techniques used in these programs.

The website says, "David Hoffmeister ACIM, is passionate about his intent to help people overcome negativity in their lives. With the help of audio and video aids, he ensures that the effectiveness of the program is at its zenith for every person attending the same. The fact that most of the videos he uses are available on YouTube for anyone to watch is impressive. The free program is aimed at cleansing the mind and there are a number of subjects that are dealt with in the same. There are many other dedicated programs that are conducted by the team and the same can be checked online. "

To obtain more information about the free class, visit

The website claims that their program has been recognized by people from different parts of the world. David has travelled to a number of countries and spread his positivity in all of them. With the help of positive aids such as love, forgiveness and Divine healing power, the program has impressed many.

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