Filmmaker Michael Oke Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Support His Upcoming Film 'Foreign Love'

Michael Oke’s upcoming film ‘Foreign Love’ is a love story like none other. Amidst growing racial tension all over the world, this is certainly the movie to be seen by all.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2015 -- 'Foreign Love' is the story of two different people from two different worlds fighting together against all odds to find the love of their lives. This unique love story revolves around a brave, smart, and beautiful girl from West Africa that comes to the US to study. However, there is an expectation from the family that she will return home after her studies to run a family business. The girl meets a white guy and ends up competing with him for the title of valedictorian. The movie reaches its climax with flaring tensions flare and clashing cultures, after the duo is paired up in a final class project. However, very soon, the competitors find themselves joining hands in their journey across the minefield of love, race, class, and family.

Michael Oke, the maker of 'Foreign Love,' is from West Africa. He came to the US in 2004 to pursue the American Dream. His primary objective as a filmmaker is to bring his unique cultural perspective of storytelling to the big screen. Michael firmly believes that his upcoming venture 'Foreign Love' will provide the platform to fulfill this objective.

After studying Screenwriting and Filmmaking outside of film school, Michael wrote the 108 page script Foreign Love. Without the Hollywood Connections, Michael produced and directed the short film from his own funds. He was not going to let "No" kill his dream. Michael is all set to take Foreign Love to the next level. He expects to start the production of this romantic epic in the fall. However, Michael needs funding support to make this project a reality. He has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000.00 for successful completion of this project.

About Foreign Love
Foreign Love is a project in collaboration with From The Heart Productions, a non-profit organization. Contributions made by US Tax Payers are 100% tax deductible (IRS Number 95 444 5418); a 501(c)(3) organization.

Michael Oke has ambitious plans for his Motion Picture. He plans to hire the renowned director of photography Jeff Leroy for this project. Jeff is capable of taking a low budget and making it look like a Hollywood Blockbuster.

Funds raised will also be spent on
- Paying for experienced actors, including flying into the country a young and brilliant African Actress for the lead role. This actress is the recipient of numerous awards in her own country.
- Exotic Locations
- The finest equipment
- A beautiful music score

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