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Baanto Granted Second Patent for ShadowSense Technology

Baanto has been awarded its second patent for its proprietary ShadowSense Technology. This granting of US Patent 8,928,873 demonstrates that Baanto takes a unique and innovative approach to delivering cutting edge touch screen technology used in various industries.


Mississauga, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- On January 6, 2015, Baanto was granted United States Patent number 8,928,872, its second US patent for its proprietary ShadowSense technology. This technology was developed from the ground up, and eliminates many of the problems that touch screen users face today. This new technology possesses ambient light immunity and palm rejection, and manages to virtually eliminate accidental inputs by end users.

These innovations are useful in a wide number of fields, and Baanto technology has been installed in a wide number of devices. Education clients use the touch screen technology to create dynamic learning environments, with whiteboards that are fun for both students and educators to use. Individuals in the medical profession use Baanto-equipped devices due to their durability and resistance to improper inputs and sealed displays.

When it comes to designing the ideal multitouch touch screen, ShadowSense truly takes capability to the next level. Screens equipped with this technology can handle inputs from multiple users, making them ideal for collaborative work, such as in creative agencies or architectural firms. They are also not reliant on human touch to operate correctly – rather, users can make inputs with a gloved finger, a stylus, or even a paintbrush.

ShadowSense technology also has the unique ability to restrict the validity of inputs using different parameters, such as the size of the object, the transparency and the speed of the input. Accidental touches are therefore disregarded, and the screen will continue to operate, even if substances like water or oil smudge the screen.

Users can also improve efficiency, productivity and create a more customized workspace by controlling variables such as hover distance, or enabling the use of a pen and eraser type input. All of these features distinguish ShadowSense from other types of touch screen technologies, making them ideal for the unique protections afforded by the granting of a US patent.

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