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Michigan Disaster 911 Advocates Helps Homeowners Eliminate Mold Wisely

Advocating allows mold damage claim covered by home owner’s insurance policy


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- Disaster Response has offered home owners in Michigan area a smart way to eliminate mould and what's more, get the mold claim covered by home owner's insurance policy.

Home owners often tend to overlook mould removal and remediation if no water damage repair was conducted. However it's important to know that it's crucial for a lot more than health reasons. If mold removal, remediation and mold cleanup is handled after apparent, or hidden water damage, it can affect future home owner's insurance rates. On the other hand, if the problem is allowed to persist, it can lower home sale or lead to no sale at all.

According to Mr. Matthew Penny, owner of Disaster Response and Disaster911.net, a company that has been in the business for more than three decades, "Up to 30% of home owners insurance companies try to reject accurate, valid mold claims. Mold is a big gamble for them. They know many home owners think it's an easily solved issue." And the truth is that the solution can actually be quite simple if one uses the right means.

Mold problem is often caused by water damage and not just moisture, and it's something a professional expert can be able to figure out at the earliest. But it's important to note that only certified experts in mold abatement cleanup should attempt mitigation at this level. Otherwise home owners might have to pay for it not only in terms of their wealth, but health as well.

Calling the insurance company isn't helpful either because the professionals working with them are not obligated to protect one's information. Thankfully there is a solution for home owners within 100 miles of Grand Rapids, MI in the form of Free Disaster Response Plan offered by the company. Through a simple call any time of the day or night, home and commercial property owners in the area can reach out to the reputed company and stop the disaster damage from turning into a crisis, fast. Disaster Response will step in, handle all of the responsibilities involved, advocate with the insurance company, and guarantee the clients get the best possible outcome.

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