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Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- Disaster Response, a reputed company with over three decades of experience in the field has come up with solutions that can save home owners in Michigan a lot of hassle and costs in case of disaster situations.

Mr. Matthew Penny, the founder of the company is a 33 year veteran and government sought-after expert in disaster response mitigation and cleanup. He believes, "It's never a good idea to pull out all the fans in case of floods or call the insurance company for that matter."

According to him the problem lies in the fact that the focus of home owners in case of disaster situations is all wrong, and that's because they haven't planned for such instances.

There are several problems that home owners can have to deal with including mold infestation, flood damage, fire damage, wind storm debris, smoke damage, or natural disaster. Most important, a lack of immediate action on the part of the homeowner can result in a disaster becoming a crisis; one that can raise Michigan home owner insurance costs, reduce the homes value, or worse when the disaster is improperly handled. That's the reason immediate response by a professional insurance mitigation, damage cleanup, and restoration company that insurance companies trust is critical to saving money on Michigan home owner's insurance premiums.

Disaster Response is that company, which residents and commercial property owners in the area have come to trust, offering critical advice to Michigan home owners about what never to do after a flood, pipe burst, or water related disaster. Much of this advice fixes what home owners might otherwise do. For example, they inform their clients that using a vacuum or house fan to clean up water damage without additional professional help can lead to a year's long battle with mold damage. It could lead to huge costs for mould cleanup in the future and that can become the bane of one's existence.

Mr. Penny of Disaster Response also advises against calling the insurance companies immediately after the disaster; instead call your local Disaster Response branch, because they can step in as an the home owners advocate, and guide home owners through the insurance process in a way that removes the risk of potentially high post disaster insurance premiums.

What should home owners do? According to Mr. Penny, "The solution is to get a Disaster Response Plan before disaster strikes." This free Disaster Response Plan has been specially designed by the company to ensure that home and commercial property owners nip the most commonly overlooked post disaster problems in the bud, before they start. Thus the free plan can be the ideal solution for home owners who live within 100 miles of Grand Rapids, MI.

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It is a renowned company in Michigan and has built its reputation in disaster response, mitigation and abatement on the back of its impeccable service for 33 years.

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