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Robin S. Weingast & Associates Creates Knowledge Center to Help Brief Potential Clients on Retirement Planning

Robin S. Weingast and Associates have created a knowledge center covering some of the fundamentals of benefits packages to help clients start the retirement process properly prepared.


Garden City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- Planning for retirement requires no significant lack of preparation and investment, and many individuals and businesses alike want to create a benefits package that will see themselves or their employees successfully into old age, sufficiently rewarded for their years of hard work. Doing so has no lack of formal, legal and conceptual challenges however, and it can be difficult for many to understand the best approach. Robin S. Weingast and Associates are a benefits package consultancy, and have just created a knowledge center to cover all the essentials.

The new Knowledge Center includes a collection of Need To Know essentials on retirement planning, benefits schemes and when it's time to review schemes. The center also has Resource of The Month, shining a spotlight on specific areas of insurance, pensions, 401ks and more.

Robin S. Weingast and Associates have been in the business for thirty years, and offer customized employer benefit plans, pension plan design, 401k plans, documentation and administration set up, multiple forms of compliance, self correction programs and more. They have served a huge range of clients, from golf clubs to software companies, authors to trucking companies. The knowledge center has been created to address many of the first questions their clients have asked over the last 30 years.

A spokesperson for Robin S. Weingast & Associates explained, "We understand that for many employers, starting a benefits package for employees can be a daunting undertaking. That's why we have created the knowledge center, which enables potential clients to brief themselves on the fundamentals so they understand the legal requirements, moral stance and economic benefits of a benefits package are. It also helps people see how our consultancy works, and explains the many advantages of having a committed consultant to create a balanced and fair benefits plan. We hope this helps more employers commit to creating a custom benefits package."

About Robin S. Weingast & Associates
Robin S. Weingast & Associates began trading thirty years ago with a singular vision: to create customized employer benefit plans based on an in-depth client communication process. Today they work closely with high profile clients, getting to know their business, listening to their concerns, and developing an ongoing dialog that helps them design programs that meet their evolving needs over time.

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