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Todd Hill and Flipping Big Going to Portland, Oregon

Flipping Big and CEO Todd Hill announce that they are taking their training courses to Portland, Oregon.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- Todd Hill is a master in the real estate market and has shown huge success with his popular HGTV television show, Flip It to Win It. Hill and team members from his company, Flipping Big, will be in Portland this month to host a training session for students wanting to make it big in the real estate industry. Hill has shown his polished capabilities through enterprise design and project completion as well as through intense lead generation for sellers as well as buyers in the real estate business.

The training in Portland will focus with students performing side by side with accomplished trainers with highly acclaimed success in the market today. The session will show students the best ways to enhance and use their own interpersonal skills to communicate with sellers and buyers in the financial arena of the real market and to be able to secure prime deals without exasperation.

The course encourages students to work at a pace they feel comfortable with while taking the time to master the skills needed for success in the industry. Students will learn championed techniques for negotiation as well as production of supreme contract drafting to ensure prosperity with the real estate endeavors they acquire. The training uses substantiated procedures that will direct individual students through the course with a renowned understanding and frame of mine to be able to surpass barriers that may otherwise fluster them. Hills course is designed to encourage students through professional training to venture out and gain the overall success foreseen in the real estate industry today.

About Todd Hill
Todd Hill believes that home ownership is still at the very heart of the American dream. As a well known and respected real estate speaker and coach he believes with the right education anyone can succeed in real estate investments.

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