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Primal Gym Adds Youth Kajukenbo Classes to Weekly Schedule


Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2015 -- A mixture of classic and modern martial arts, Kajukenbo combines several combat systems that aid in self-defense techniques. Recognized as the first martial art to be created in the United States, Primal Gym is adding youth Kajukenbo classes to its weekly schedule. Available for youth ages 8-14, participate in the training classes on Monday or Wednesday at 5 pm, or Saturday mornings at 8 am.

The trainers and instructors encourage participants to attend multiple sessions per week. The high-intensity and fierce sessions of Kajukenbo will help kids learn discipline, gain confidence, and acquire the attribute of respect. Youth will develop the psyche and physicality to hone in on their self-defense skills. With help from an experienced martial arts and strength training coach in Hamilton, NJ, kids will learn the techniques and focus needed when a situation or task presents itself.

Kajukenbo is an art that blends a variety of cultures and was developed to defend against many types of attacks. Youth will learn how to defend themselves when advancing and maturing in their martial arts training, as well as in real-life situations that arise. The art is known as one of the most effective self-defense systems, and trainees that participate in the weekly classes will gradually be eased into the brutal and physical aspects of the art as their maturity level rises.

If looking for a personal trainer in Hamilton, NJ to achieve fitness or sporting goals, inquire about one-on-one sessions at Primal Gym. They offer free trial lessons so individuals can get a feel for the intensity of the training programs. All trainees will receive a customized program designed to help them reach their goals and get in the best shape of their life. For more information about the youth Kajukenbo classes, or to sign up for a free trial lesson, please contact the gym today.

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